System Upgrades & Repairs

The first home automation and centralised lighting installations date back to the early 2000s and many of these are now obsolete, prone to expensive failures and in need of upgrading. Other issues for owners of such systems include: the performance no longer meets their requirements; they may have inherited a system when buying the property; and lack of support due to the original installation company no longer trading.

Simplify my Home have wide experience in the repair and upgrading of these systems and have successfully intervened when client’s have been unable to get help elsewhere.

Electrasonic & LEAX Lighting

Simplify my Home has worked for several clients that had a Electrasonic or LEAX lighting control system installed. Unfortunately, neither system is supported by the original manufacturer. However, we have considerable experience in removing these systems and installing a comparable system from Rako (link) or Lutron. (link)

If you have an Electrasonic or LEAX system or any other centralised lighting control system and you can no longer get support from the manufacturer or installer, we can investigate, recommend and support you in getting your lighting system up and running.

Worried about disruption and damage to décor? To avoid costly and damaging re-wiring, the latest replacement lighting systems can be easily installed with the minimum of disruption using wireless technology or existing cabling. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Control4 and Crestron

Simplify my Home has able to repair or upgrade many Control4 and Crestron systems where owners have asked us to take over and maintain their systems when:

  • The original installer is no longer operating.
  • The client has lost faith in the existing company due to issues that are never resolved.
  • The client wants a second option of an upgrade or improvement.
  • The new owner has inherited a system that does not meet their requirements or would like to remove this technology and put back to “normal”

Whichever system you have and whatever the issue, Simplify my Home have been installing and repairing systems since 2003 and have an enviable record in resolving issues that other companies have failed to fix.

Rako Lighting

As an accredited supplier and installer, Simplify my Home can repair and upgrade Rako lighting systems. Past projects include finding existing wireless equipment – it seems that many companies do not document their placement! Therefore if a client wants to upgrade or replace an item it can be a time-consuming and expensive process. We have been very successful in locating such Rako Equipment and fixed issues in a single day.

If you have a system in need or upgrade or repair, don’t hesitate to contact Simplify my Home today.