Structured Cabling Assessment

The introduction of the CEDIA Smart Home Recommended Wiring Guidelines has proved extremely popular amongst homeowners, architects, developers and AV installers.

CEDIA certified members are exclusively invited to participate in the CEDIA Structured Cabling Assessor (CSCA) scheme (link to CEDIA page) and Simplify my Home is delighted to have a certified CSCA on staff.

Our in-house assessor can assess the cabling installed against CEDIA’s Smart Home Recommended Wiring Guidelines to ensure the installation has been carried out to the required standard. Our assessor will check any documentation and upon successful completion of the assessment will issue a Smart Home Cabling (SHC) Certificate for the home.

This certificate gives contractors the reassurance that the cable installation has been completed to the required standards and gives the homeowner the opportunity to maximise the potential of their new smart home.

For those carrying out their own wiring installation, our Assessor can attend site and test the cables installed to ensure that each cable will deliver the required services. We can also design custom wiring solutions, provide wiring diagrams and advise on correct installation practices.

If you are a homeowner, developer or architect and see the value of having a property formally assessed against the Recommended Wiring Guidelines, please contact Simplify my Home today.