close up of a wireless heating control panel

Heating & Air Conditioning

Automatic comfort

Integrating SMART heating controls within a home automation system provides optimum flexibility, ease of control and energy efficiency to your homes heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, your heating or cooling system can be optimised for the way you use your home and at what times.

  • Individual temperature control of each room or zone in your home
  • Automatically turn down the heating as you leave the house and increase again as you near home.
  • Monitor the outside temperature and adjust heating or cooling automatically
  • Combine with shading control to keep optimum temperatures with maximum energy efficiency day and night.

All of this control and flexibility is delivered using the same touch screen or mobile-operated interface; integrated by our experts and tailored to meet your exact requirements. To find out more, contact Simplify my Home today.