AV Quantity Surveyor

At Simplify my Home, we use our many years of experience to provide an audio-visual survey and consultancy service. The use of multiple contractors, combined with the installation of cutting-edge technologies, can lead to issues and disputes over specifications, responsibility and liability.

We can provide a comprehensive, independent survey of all AV and home automation systems installed by third-party contractors to ensure that every aspect of the installation is operational, complies with all required regulations, and – very importantly – meets the original design specifications.

Many companies request valuation payments against works which have not been completed, but because of the technical nature this puts the customer at risk because they have to trust their contractor. 

If carried out prior to commissioning and final payment to the contractor, this type of survey provides our customers with a highly-experienced ‘second opinion’ of the systems installed and can avoid future issues and protracted disputes.

We have recently taken over a completed super prime development after our survey highlighted serious issues in several apartments. When informed, our developer client was initially adamant that these works had been completed and signed off. However, when presented with our survey, they confronted the original supplier but were told to pay again to have the issues fixed. This is a scenario that could easily be avoided with an independent AV survey from Simplify my Home.

Dispute resolution

Unfortunately, disputes can arise. If you have a dispute with your original installer or contractor, we can investigate the issue and provide an independent, unbiased report on the installed system. This will help to resolve any dispute, prevent litigation and enable the faster repair of any issues.

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