Project Rescue

Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. You may have parted company with your original contractor mid-way through a project, or have issues with an existing system and are unable to contact the original installer. Whatever the circumstances might be, Simplify my Home is here to help.

At whatever stage your project has stalled – design, cabling, installation or commissioning – Simplify my Home can investigate and assess the current state of the system. We will then report on what is needed for us to complete the project to your satisfaction – including any concerns we may have.

Clients with systems that may be obsolete, or from installers that are no longer operating, may be unsure about how to upgrade or repair. At Simplify my Home we have experience working with a variety of older systems. Previous projects have included the replacement of entire lighting systems from Electrosonic, LEAX and LUX without the need to run new cables or damaging existing interior décor.

Simplify my Home can help you:

  • Rescue and complete unfinished projects at any stage of planning or installation.
  • Repair existing systems originally completed by another installation company.
  • Upgrades to existing or obsolete systems.
  • Simplify your existing system to improve ease of use.
  • Independent ‘second-opinion’ advice on systems you may be looking to purchase elsewhere.