tv with multiple streaming movies options infront of window

Audio & Video Distribution

Stunning quality coupled with flexibility and aesthetics.

With a centralised AV system from Simplify my Home, you can chose to play video, access online media or listen to music in whichever area of the house you choose. Watch recorded 4K TV in the lounge, pause and then continue watching in the bedroom; play different music in each room or synchronise across multiple zones of the house. All of this flexibility comes complete with fingertip control from anywhere in the house via touch screen tablets or your smart phone.

Specifying state-or-the-art equipment from world-leading brands, Simplify my Home will design a bespoke system that delivers stunning quality audio and video to every corner of your home.

With hidden cabling and discreet, built-in speakers, we ensure that our systems work with any design or décor to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of your home.